Marley's Monsters Bowl & Plate Covers

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Marley's Monsters Bowl & Plate Covers are washable and reusable making it the perfect replacement for your eco-friendly family's disposable plastic wrap and foil. Simply wipe them down or throw them in the washing machine and reuse! Marley's Monsters bowl & plate covers are unique because the design utilizes a cord stop and drawstring. Unlike elastic, this provides more flexible sizing and a tighter fit for each container size. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.


  • Small: Fits most standard sized dinner bowls up to 7" diameter.
  • Medium: Fits most standard sized plates and mixing bowls up to 11" diameter.
  • Large: Fits most large mixing bowls up to 14" diameter.


  • Outer layer is 100% cotton flannel.
  • Inner layer is a white BPA free, waterproof and wipeable PUL fabric. (The same fabric used on our wet bags and snack bags)


  • Wipe clean or Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry no heat or air dry.

NOTE: These are not to be used in the microwave. Covers are random in colors and prints. What you see pictured may NOT be what you get.