Kinderpack Soft Structured Baby Carrier w/Koolnit Mesh - Opuntia

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This beautiful limited edition Fluff & Familia exclusive, Opuntia, is the first collaboration between Kindercarry and Lighthouse Kids Company.

As parents, we have dealt with the struggles of infertility. That is why a percentage of proceeds of every purchase from the Opuntia collection will be donated to Braving Infertility Together to help fund the mission of normalizing the infertility process by providing experience-based support, encouragement, and education to their members.

The Kinderpack is a totally different kind of soft structured carrier. It features a uniquely shaped and contoured body panel that creates a molded and rounded seat for baby’s bottom. It conforms to your child so naturally! The Kinderpack cradles their legs in upward comfort by fostering the recommended “bottom-lower-than-knees” seated position. This puts baby in a proper, ergonomic, and supportive positioning more intuitively than any other carrier. Kinderpack's innovative body panel design eliminates leg, pelvic, and spine pressure, which is typically caused by legs dangling in other baby carriers.


  • Kinderpack first innovated the "Perfect Fit" strap length adjusters. This feature can shorten the length of the shoulder strap for your “Perfect Fit”. If tightened, you can also loosen them to create more space for nursing.
  • The shoulder strap is generously padded for optimal comfort and is shaped just enough to avoid the dreaded underarm rub.
  • The semi curved, 3 part waistband conforms to most body shapes without pushing your pants down
  • All full panel (non-Koolnit) have a 2 piece lined hood that is aviator shaped & features the completely exclusive ‘stuff and snap’ hood design.
  • The 3 piece shaped contoured body panel is the first of its kind.
  • The curved pieces form a bulbous seat pocket for baby’s bottom that curves in at baby’s back.
  • Each Kinderpack has an internal layer of 8oz brushed canvas or twill inside the body.
  • Shoulder straps, webbing, and waistband are reinforced with bar tacking internally and X or V box reinforcement.

Child Sizing

  • Infant: up to 2 years, 8-35 lbs, starting at 22" tall
  • Standard: 8mo-3 yrs 20-40lbs, starting at around 30″ tall
  • Toddler: 18mo-4+ yrs, 25-45 lbs, starting at around 32" tall
  • Preschool: 3-5 years, 35-55 lbs, starting at 38″ tall

Adult Sizing

The Kinderpack is available in 2 sizes, standard or plus size, for a custom fit for you:

  • Standard: Size 0-22 (19-20″ straps+ 13″ of webbing; waistband fit 26″-60″)
  • Plus size: Size 18 and up (24″ straps+ 13″ of webbing; waistband fits 26″-60″)- great for large busted women, and tall men.

** Please be advised that soft structured carriers are made to be worn more loosely than mei tais and wraps. This may take a little getting used to if those are the kinds of carriers you are used to wearing. Tightening your straps as far as they go, and then easing back on the buckle slightly, will give you your best fit. Avoid tightening straps too tightly- this will cause neck strain and underarm rub.

*Consult the video links below or reference your instruction booklet for more detailed wearing information, as well as tips and tricks.

Handcrafted in small batches in the USA