About Us

-Owners of Fluff & Familia LLC, David & Brandi Garcia, with their daughters, Elaina & Cecilia

Fluff & Familia was formed in 2016 in Princeton, Texas. Feeling that too many retailers were focusing on parenting choices rather than the family itself, they started with a strong mission… Focus on providing great products while supporting families regardless of their parenting choices or family structure. David & Brandi, co-owners & husband/wife duo, hand pack every order welcoming their customers to the “familia.” Free shipping & payment plans are available to bring peace of mind & affordability to all customers. They also have an amazing Facebook support group and they frequently sponsor events, groups & charities.

There are a lot of retailers out there. As a consumer you have the ability to choose whom you wish to shop from, and here at Fluff & Familia, we have some of the most important qualities you should be looking for in a retailer.


  • We have free shipping with no minimums ever. You can’t find better than that! It’s a cost that we absorb as a business to provide excellent service to you, our beloved customers!


  • Not only do your orders ship free, they ship quickly. We know you’re anxious to get your awesome items in hand, so we ship all of your orders within 24 hours so they arrive as quickly as possible, usually within a few days of your order.


  • Our storefront is run from our home. Because we do not need to pay to provide a storefront like the average brick and mortar store, we can pass on the conservation of those costs to our customers without lacking in variety or quality of the products we have available to you. This also cuts down on storage and energy resources usually consumed in a traditional storefront. Our home is your home!

Personal Touch

  • When you order from us, Dave or I pack and ship your order to you directly. Every transaction is handled with care and attention by us. When you have a question, we are there via email, phone or in our Facebook chat to answer it for you! If you purchase a product and you’re not sure how best to use it, we can assist you. If you’re local and need some help with your cloth diapers, we are here to assist you. Our customers feel like Familia to us, and we hope that warmth feels present to you when you shop with us, too.


"Being obsessed with ‘fluff’ (a.k.a. cloth diapers), we thought it was a little cliché and limited to just use ‘fluff.’ We wanted something to honor and represent family in the essence of being undefined: equality. That’s how we landed on Fluff & Familia. The “Fluff” in our name isn’t just about cloth diapers (although we do love, sell and obsess over them). It’s meant to be more symbolic of being surrounded with softness and experiencing that warm fuzzy feeling you get encompassed in the love of your family. Welcome to the Familia.” 

-David & Brandi Garcia