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Rain World VA - 1650.800 (Sky Islands Pearl)

Download Rain World VA - 1650.800 (Sky Islands Pearl) Mp3 Free Of Charge in rexibro from The World Through Pictures with 2,525 and 2023-11-29 19:48:47 & 02:38 just only in fluffandfamilia.com

Orange Lizard - Progfox
Sundown (Theme I) - James Primate


Hello hello hello! This is a HUGE project to finally finish up, and the first of hopefully a few more collaborations between me and two very talented friends of mine, being Salmon and Aki. We all really enjoy voice over work and Rain World and have been having a huge blast doing voiceovers of various echoes and iterators.

I spent around four months on this project, mostly on painting the portraits of the iterators and animating the overseer and all that jazz. It was a hard slog through a huge depression episode, and I can't thank Aki and Salmon enough for their patience and encouragement through it all. I can only hope I did their wonderful talents justice!

I would also like to thank my eeping gang friends and my friends in the online Rain World communities - such as shromp and Jolly - whose company, input and encouragement also helped me finish this beast of a work off.

I've learned a lot through this and I hope to be doing a lot more of these!

Rain World (c) Videocult 2017

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