Dahlia Cloth Feminine Pads (3 pack)

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Dahlia Cloth Feminine Pads (3 pack)
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Dahlia Cloth is Buttons Diapers' new line of feminine cloth pads for women of all ages. Made with quality fabrics so they are comfortable, chemical-free, easy-to-clean, stylish, and economical. Today's disposable pads and tampons are full of chemicals, and not at all comfortable. Whether you already love cloth pads or are still skeptical, give Dahlia cloth pads a try! You'll LOVE them!  


  • Pack of 3 of the same size, and are made with a layer of moisture-wicking, stain-resistant microfleece on top, and microfiber layers hidden inside for maximum absorbency. Laminated polyester (PUL) backing prevents leakage.


  • Small - 8.5" 
  • Medium - 11" 
  • Large - 13.5"


Snap around your underwear with the tag side facing down. Change pad every 2-6 hours. Wash before first use. 


Rinse prior to washing in a sink or washer. Wash on warm, and machine dry low, or hang to dry. Here is a tip! Use a small wet bag or a pail for storage of soiled pads.