Cart Hold

Fluff & Familia is proud to introduce our new Cart Hold feature! 

(now out of beta and in testing phase 2!)



What is Cart Hold?

Have you ever shopped a website, added an item to your cart and made it to checkout only to discover someone else bought it before you were able to? This is usually referred to (as we call it) cart jumping. It's disappointing and frustrating when you were so close to getting your favorite item(s) only to watch them be snatched away. That why we introduced Cart Hold! Now, when you add and item to your cart, that item will automatically be pulled from our inventory for 5 minutes from the start of when you placed the item into your cart to allow you adequate time to checkout! 


What happens if someone else tries to buy it?

While it will appear to be out of stock to other buyers, it will display a message to notify them that the item IS in stock but is currently being held in a Cart Hold and to try back again when the countdown timer has expired. The countdown timer will display a countdown from the moment that was first placed in your cart letting them know they can check back to see if your have completed your checkout item. 


What happens if I haven't checked out after 5 minutes?

The item will be taken off of temporary hold allowing other users to attempt to purchase the item and will be put on a Cart Hold for the next shopper. The item will remaining in your cart but will no longer be held on Cart Hold.  

I'm "that other shopper." What happens if I'm presented with a Cart Hold message?

Watch the countdown timer. Once the timer has expired, refresh your page! Try your selection again to see if the item is still available. If you aren't presented with a countdown timer and the item is out of stock, this usually means the original customer has checked out with the item. If you are presented with a NEW timer, this means someone else was able to add the item to their cart after the original Cart Hold had expired. 

Are Cart Holds a guarantee I'll receive the item I want?

Cart Holds are a courtesy to our shoppers. While we work to make shopping as easy as possible, we cannot guarantee you will receive available stock of an item you have placed in your cart (even with our Cart Hold feature) due to the many different variables our shoppers have (browser history, mobile vs. desktop, use of cookies, etc). However, if you are experiencing issues with Cart Holds, we please ask that you email us at to report any issues.