Walking through the exhibitor area at MommyCon is kind of surreal because you get to see a lot of the brands and products you only see in online retailers (like us) right there in front of you. Seeing gorgeous photos on a website is one thing, but being able to see the colors of products and feel the textures of carriers in your hands, even able to try them on, is quite another.

As we walked through the exhibitors, we were proud to see so many brands that we carry in our store represented there. It means we’re doing our job: keeping us on trend and carrying high quality brands that you all love and want to see more!




You’ve never tried an Ai2 system quite like it! An Earth conscious, fun-loving cloth diaper company that also makes wetbags, a stellar laundry treatment, and adorable underclothes for kids up to size 5T.


Earth Mama Angel Baby

The name is long, but the list of ingredients is short! EMAB makes bath and skincare products that are as natural and safe as possible for use on the newest member of your family. Made with organic herbs and high quality essential oils, Earth Mama Angel Baby products are made without synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals- only the best for your baby!


Kinderpacks (Kindercarry)

There’s hardly another soft structured carrier like it out there. With extra padding in all the right places, a contoured body panel, fitted ergonomic seating, and a custom fit and size for both the wearer and the one being worn, Kinderpack makes one of the comfiest carriers around. The super cute prints aren’t bad either!


Melissa & Doug

You know those super cute, brightly colored, wooden toys that promote learning and creative and imaginative play? That’s just what Melissa and Doug make. Rarely a beep or a flashing light here, Melissa and Doug make high quality children’s toys, puzzles, and games that enrich the imagination and encourage learning through play.


Marley’s Monsters

The key word here is cloth, but not as in cloth diapers. Marley’s Monsters makes just about everything else you can imagine in the world of personal hygiene out of reusable, durable, soft, washable, adorably patterned cloth! Cloth wipes, facial rounds, washcloths, unpaper towels, napkins, nursing pads, burp cloths, and even cloth crinkle paper and teething toys for babies! Make your whole family into an earth saving, sustainable resource embracing team through their hygiene practices.




Non-toxic and plant based are the goals of this popular brand of all things clean! From baby wipes to dishwasher detergent, Babyganics makes your baby’s entire world clean in the safest and gentlest way possible: without yucky chemicals.


Seventh Generation Diapers

As much as I love cloth diapers (and trust me, I LOVE cloth diapers) cloth isn’t for everyone and not always for every occasion (see “traveling without access to a washer and dryer”). Seventh Generation makes disposable wipes, diapers, and even overnight diapers that are hypoallergenic, free of dyes and fragrances, do not use chlorine bleach in the absorbent core materials of the diapers, and are safe for baby’s sensitive skin.


Curly Q’s

If your kiddo’s hair has some spring, you’re going to want to check out the array of hair products Curly Q’s specializes in for curly hair! From conditioner, shampoo, and detangler to products like their “Curly Q Custard” and “Curly Q Milkshake,” they have something to help you give your kiddos curls the best shape and bounce!


UsBorne Books

You may have heard of this popular children’s book company, but if not, you need to! Usborne carries only the best quality and content in their children’s books. Durable, long lasting, and thoughtfully written, these books (both for coloring and for reading) will engage, entertain, and educate your little ones.



As a wide ranging company, we are able to carry a varied assortment of BumKins products including teethers, diaper liners, and cold packs for owies. Always in the latest prints and designs, BumKins products are useful everyday, but they also make great gifts and novelties for your child’s birthday, Christmas stocking, or Easter basket.



This is one of those companies you wish you would have known about before battling with a dozen others when it comes to tableware for kids. They make cups, bowls, spoons, divided plates, toys and more out of sturdy recycled plastic from milk jugs in a brilliant rainbow of colors. You can mix and match or buy in sets, and the Snack Stack Bowls are hands down one of my favorite diaper bag must haves!



This popular pacifier buddy system keeps baby’s paci in place and close at hand for quick and gentle soothing, and features adorable, soft stuffed animal friends to keep paci nearby.

To view a full list of the brands we proudly carry and a sneak peek of those coming soon, click here: .

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