The weather is getting a little cooler, the leaves are beginning to show signs of changing, and it’s that big transition time again: time to head to school. Whether your kid is just starting or heading back for their second, fifth, or even eighth year, it’s always a time of big changes in routine and emotions.

Why do they have to grow so fast?!

Some of you may find yourself alone during the day all of a sudden. What do you do with your time? While it may be tempting to try and tackle all the side projects you always wished you had time for, we encourage you to take some time for yourself for at least thirty minutes each day (or once a week at the very least!) to take a bath, chill out in the silence and simply breathe, or sit outside, cuddle up, read a book, and enjoy the sound of the birds before they all fly away for the winter. Remember, it’s okay to take time for yourself, and the silence will be gone all too soon!

Go for a walk by myself? I’m not sure I understand this kind of freedom…

If your big kids are at school and you’re kicking back most mornings with just your littles, give them some individual parent time to distract them from missing their siblings with a few fun and easy crafts or kick back with a learning puzzle and embrace those teachable moments.

Play a game, do a craft, read a book together. Your younger child will appreciate one-on-one mommy or daddy time while their older siblings are at school. Plus, lots of board games are educational!

Or bundle them up in a hoodie, Pamonas, and shoes, and head out to hike or play outside before the snow falls (if you’re in that part of the country). Littlest too little to walk or is in need of some cuddles? Snuggle them up in the carrier and get out and go!


If you’re homeschooling and changing up your daily routine to account for that carved out time, don’t forget that it’s okay to do just one subject each day for a little while to ease yourself back into routine. And when it’s time for lunch, remember the learning can continue with counting, colors, and practicing life skills like making and cutting sandwiches, serving others, setting the table, or even packing a lunch, grabbing a blanket, and heading outside for a picnic!

Assign colors to each kid or mix and match!

If you’re an expecting mom and all your kids are in school,take some time to focus on preparing for baby by picking up some nursing pads and soothing Boobie Butter, and treating yourself to some new mama jewelry that can help teach baby to listen to the soothing chime sounds while in the womb so that they’re familiar and soothing once they’re earthside, or grab some reallyfancy new mama jewelry that doubles as a teether once baby arrives.

Simple, beautiful, and a teether!

If you’re a stay at home dad and you’re expecting a baby with your spouse, take some time to prepare the nursery, write a letter to baby, prep freezer meals, or set up postpartum care stations for your spouse, pack your bag for the hospital or prepare the home for a home birth- anything to make the first few weeks together with baby easier on all of you.


No matter what stage of parenthood you’re in, Fluff and Familia is here to help guide you to a more comfortable place in your parenting by providing the best family-friendly products on the market. We hope you are enjoying your back-to-school time of transition, and look forward to serving your family’s needs all year long!

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