The cozy event room was filled with round tables laden with delicious food and surrounded by some of the most passionate women and men of the babywearing industry. Educators, retailers, and even carrier manufacturers were present for the WEAR awards this year in Chicago, and Fluff and Familia was there to sponsor the luncheon and cheer them on as they were recognized for the contributions they’ve made in the babywearing industry.


As Xza and Matt presented each person or group with their certificate or glass trophy, the winners had the opportunity to speak to the crowd. Their speeches, full of surprise and gratitude, all resonated the same passion and appreciation for what babywearing has brought to their lives, and many commented on how the babywearing community at large has impacted them as well.

“We help people love their babies, and that’s what makes the world go round.” ~Stephanie of Abby’s Lane Community Appreciation Award- Retailer Category


“I have had women come up to me and tell me, ‘I met my best friend because of Tula,’ and that makes me so happy.” ~Ula of Tula Community Appreciation Award- Manufacturer Category


“We are blessed to have so many educators to learn from, to lift each other up and grow, to share knowledge with one another as we do with caregivers.” ~Laura Brown Babywearing Educator of the Year


“This kind of community empowers all of us to be [babywearing] educators.” ~Alex XOXO Buckle Best New Arrival

“We can fill all the gaps. We are out there helping people wear their babies who wouldn’t be able to otherwise.” ~ The Carrying On Project Babywearing Non-Profit of the Year


“Any advocacy that promotes babywearing, we are fully behind it and that’s why we wanted to sponsor [WEAR].” ~David Garcia of Fluff & Familia

Other awards presented include:

Lifetime Achievement Award– Jillian Brown of PAXbaby

Bright Horizon Award– Julia Miller from World on My Shoulders

Babywearing Group of the Year– Babywearing International of Hampton Roads

Art of Babywearing – Meeyoo

Fluff and Familia
is proud to support these inspiring and hard working men and women of the babywearing industry. We also are very proud to carry several carrier styles and brands to meet the varied needs of our customers. It warms my heart to know we are providing the tools you need to keep your babies close and secure.

Stephanie from XOXO Buckle Baby Carriers with her and Alex’s little sweetie pie at the WEAR luncheon

As Jillian Davidsson of PAXbaby would say, “Happy Babywearing!” 

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