"Growing up, I never thought of my family as being something to feel really grateful for. I had two parents, two siblings, and a dog. We grew up in a nice neighborhood, in a house, on a quiet street. We gathered with our extensive list of relatives during the holidays, and we had our church family too. I never knew any different. But when I came out to my family, reality hit me that my normal might not look like what I’d grown up with. I ended up having to fight really hard to be with the one I love and to start a family together, but we did it, and I couldn’t be happier with my wife and our daughters."

"My parents divorced when I was really young, and I never knew any different than our broken home full of yelling and passive aggressive whispers under my mother’s breath. When I got married, it was my ultimate goal to not have that kind of heartache in our home, and I’ve been fairly successful, even though things didn’t turned out like I’d planned. My wife and I got a divorce, and we were able to settle custody matters peacefully and amicably. It’s not been an easy adjustment, but I know that we have done everything in our power to make sure they have known nothing but love and support from their family no matter which house they’re living in."

"We tried for a very long time to get pregnant. Family kept telling us, “It’ll happen when God wants it to.” They told us to keep waiting and praying. They told us that intervening with science was not part of God’s plan, but we knew that for us it was. We welcomed our son into our family this past year, and our parents have finally accepted that our decision was the right one after all. They thank God every time they see our little guy smile, and so do we."

"My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me. She may not look like me, but she is part of my heart just as if we shared the same blood. Many people are confused when they see us together in public. They think I must be babysitting or that she is my friend’s daughter because our skin tones don’t match. But she is my daughter. She is my family. Without her, I never would have become a mother."

"I come from a very close family. My grandparents always lived with us, and I always felt it was more of a blessing than a curse. That’s why I didn’t hesitate a bit to welcome my mother into our home as well when my father died. We have a lot of people living under our roof, and yes it’s sometimes crowded and noisy, but my house is often blessed with the smells of my grandmother’s cooking, and we’re full to the brim with love. I wouldn’t have it any other way."

A family cannot be defined by the little stick figures on the back of a minivan window. Not every family has a mother, a father, two kids, and a pet. Families range in size and age, color and beliefs. Some families form by accident, others through carefully planned intentions. Regardless of what a family looks like, it is always comprised of the people who love you at your best and at your worst: the people who support you through life with compassion and humility: familia.

We at Fluff & Familia are here to support all families by promising that we only carry products that we believe will meet the needs of your familia. From cloth diapers to household cleaning supplies, we strive to stock your favorite brands that keep your entire family happy and healthy. We believe that parents deserve equality without prejudice- that all caregivers should be supported in their parenting journey, regardless of whether their children were born to them or found them through adoption, surrogacy, foster care, family circumstances, and beyond.

We hope you’ll shop with us and become part of our customer familia.

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