Last weekend we celebrated dads everywhere for teaching us, loving us, and protecting us the way they do. There’s nothing quite like a father’s love; it’s uniquely different from the way a mother loves, but equally beautiful and important. What’s also different? What Dad sees as must have baby gear!

Here are some of Dad’s favorites that you may have missed out on in your hunt for the greatest gear and tools for happily parenting your baby or toddler.

Bumkins Silicone Teether

THR-NT25-PACKAGED__41501.1478810525.1280.1280.jpegNostalgia hit hard when Dad saw this teether and knew our little one had to have one! Now baby can gum his pretend controller while Daddy games with his controller. Ah, bonding! Plus, anything to help little one from hurting during the dreaded teething stage gets a thumbs up in Dad’s book!

Re-Play Snack Stacks

6pk-snackstack-colorway-final__51819.1474661116.1280.1280My husband’s favorite way to calm baby down when I’m not around is to feed him snacks. When we’re on the go, the Re-Play Snack Stacks are his go-to for toting around puffs, yogurt drops, and even a container of pretzels for himself!

EZPZ Less Mess Happy Mat or the Re-Play Divided Plates


My husband believes that one of the worst things you can do is waste food. So when our kid began tossing his plate of food onto the floor the minute it was set onto his high chair tray, he knew there had to be a solution. Behold: the EZPZ mat- it’s untossable! Using surface tension, the mat remains secured to the table or tray so that dinner is not lost all at once! Once baby has outgrown the plate tossing stage, the Re-Play Divided Plates provide the same kind of three-sectioned plate for big kids, encouraging parents to provide a variety of foods within a reasonable portion so that kids eat what’s in front of them and leave no food wasted!

Kanga Care Changing Pad/Sheet Saver


What is one of the worst things about potty training? Changing sheets. With these beauties, dad doesn’t have to haul stinky linens to the laundry room, and so it receives an A+ in his book. They also make great changing pads- nice and soft on top with a little absorbency and a water resistant backing, so even if junior lets loose, it won’t get all over your couch or living room floor.

Smart Bottoms Seat Saver


You know what’s the worst way to end a trip in the car? Needing to take the car seat apart for cleaning because of an accident or a blowout. Fear no more because dad’s favorite product from Smart Bottoms is here to save the day and your child’s carseat!

SprayPal and Sprayer or the Aquas Sprayer

image11__17497-1473997433-1280-1280.jpegSpeaking of messes, you know what makes cleaning up blowouts and potty accidents so much easier and less messy? This dynamic duo, created by a mom and dad! The Sprayer blasts off any mess, and the Spray Pal contains the splatter so you have no extra clean up. Mr. Spray Pal will confirm, it’s a dad’s best friend for cleaning up after messy kids! The Aquas sprayer is amazing as well, blasting off even the toughest of messes! It stores neatly on the side of the toilet tank and has an off valve so that curious toddlers can’t wash your bathroom for you with it!

Grovia Unders

image_24__42218.1487538016.1280.1280You know what’s glorious? When your toddler finally learns how to put on his own underwear. Dads are all about teaching their kids independence, and Grovia’s Unders are fantastic underwear and tank top sets that kids will want to put on themselves. They’re no wedgie design, full coverage for little tushies, and made of 100% cotton. They also make great lounge-wear for hanging around the house all day relaxing.

DSC_0187-X3_3e15c303-0e2e-4ef7-b5b8-a27b219ecb08__07257.1491959347.1280.1280Kindercarry Kinderpack Carrier

What dad doesn’t love to babywear? Kinderpack is definitely dad’s favorite carrier because not only is it easy to use, but it’s extremely comfortable for both the wearer and the baby. The shoulder straps are customizable and generously padded for optimal comfort, shaped just enough to avoid the dreaded underarm rub, and the semi curved, three-part waistband conforms to most body shapes without pushing down the wearer’s pants. Kinderpack’s uniquely contoured body panel also fits baby snuggly, creating a rounded seat that molds to hug baby’s bottom, keeping baby comfortable, calm, and quiet.

How many of Dad’s favorites have you tried? What’s your husband’s favorite baby gear?

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