We carry a ton of amazing products, so it was truly difficult to narrow it down to our top five favorites! We decided to go with the 5 products we use the most because they hold our dearest and most frequent thanks for existing! We seriously couldn't go about our jam-packed days without the convenience these five products bring us.

Brandi's Favorite Things

#1 - Aquas Diaper Sprayer and Spray Pal Shield

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Perfect for potty training accidents (Cece), cleaning mud off boots, and spraying off any myriad of gross things from stuff I'd like to use again, I use my Aquas diaper sprayer and Spray Pal shield daily. I'm counting these two products as one because you can't do one well without the other! The next time your kid has an accident in their pants or steps in mud or dog poop, you'll be thankful you have these guys to clean off their clothes or their shoes without having to get out the hose or make a huge mess in your sink/bathroom!

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#2 - EzPz Mini Mat

This thing has become a lifesaver at lunch since we switched Laina to eating at the table. It has made the transition from high chair to table EzPz, and clean up is a breeze! Plus, the mat has surface tension superpowers that prevent your little one from pulling it off the table and chucking it instead of using words to say "All done!"

(Laina loved hers so much on her high chair and keeps using it today on her placemat)

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David's Favorite Things

#3 XOXO Buckle Lite

With the support of a wrap but the ease of a buckle carrier, made of soft, durable, lightweight, stretchy fabric that keeps you and baby cool and dry in warmer weather, the XOXO Buckle Lite also doubles as a water carrier! You can wear your kiddo while at the pool or at the splash park or even in the shower. The fabric is light and breathable so that you don't get too hot; perfect for those of us babywearing in warmer climates or for trips to theme parks where you're stuck outside in the sun!

(Daddy time was super special even in the pool with extra snuggles in our XOXO Buckle Lite)

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#4 CJ's BUTTer Formula Spritz Diaper Rash Spray

While I prefer using homemade wipe solution, it doesn't usually work too well while on-the-go. I love this spray for when I am out and about with the girls. The bottle is small enough to fit in my dad bag, and it's very handy to have the spray mechanism built in instead of squirting with a peri bottle. When I am out of the house, speed and convenience are tops. Plus, it comes in so many great scents!

(David's Diaper Bag always carries some spare Cj's Spritz for on the go)

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#5 GroVia Zippered Wetbag

This one may seem generic, but hear me out... I don't use this for diapering! I actually use these wetbags as compression sacks in my backpack for camping. They are the perfect size to sort and store my different categories of things when I go on self-supported backpacking trips with my friends. Having stinky hiking socks separated from my cooking gear is a must! Plus, since they have the waterproof lining, I don't have to worry about my stuff getting damp from one thing that might be wet (like a bathing suit or a damp towel).

David used wet bags to keep wet laundry while backpacking at the Grand Canyon.

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