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Here are my top 5 favorite deals you won’t want to miss this Black Friday!


1. Buy 2 get 1 free on LooHoo dryer balls : Soften clothes, towels, blankets, diaper inserts, and more without chemicals and speed your dry time! Just toss a few in the dryer with your damp clothes and listen to them work their magic. They last an amazingly long time (as long as you keep them away from Fido! My dog likes to pull them from the dryer and destroy them!) and come in fun colors that will not bleed onto your clothes! You can even add scent to the dryer balls using essential oils!

107-2Timg_66252. Spray Pal and Aquaus Diaper Sprayers : If you have small children (cloth diapered or not) you need a diaper sprayer in at least ONE bathroom in your home! Not only are they super powerful and awesome for cleaning off messy cloth diapers, they work wonders blasting off all manner of bodily fluids from kids clothing, whether they got a nosebleed, are still learning how to wipe efficiently, or happened to get carsick all over their favorite sweater. Kids are gross, but sprayers make clean up a breeze! Just spray off the yucky stuff, flush, and toss it in the wash!

SpaceOdyssey3. Super Undies : If it’s time to store your kiddo’s cloth diapers and move on to potty learning, then it’s time for Super Undies! PUL backed and lightly lined to catch minor accidents as your kiddo is learning how to listen to his body, these easy up and down underwear are super soft and super cute! Washable and reusable to prevent waste and save your wallet (and the earth)! They even come in higher absorbency for nighttime training! Potty training won’t get the best of you with Super Undies by your side!

zootropolis_992571065_45fdaa15-3839-4b9c-8def-779baa0939de_grande4. Smart Bottoms : Have you tried a Smart Bottoms trainer? Awesome for daytime use, we will be running great sales on all our Smartbottoms products, including the trainers. Cute prints, fun colors, and the quality you’ve relied on with their cloth diapers!


And if there’s a Smart Bottoms cloth diaper you have been eyeing to add to your stash, Black Friday is the day to dive in and snag it!

xoxo-baby-carrier-xoxo-buckle-wrap-base-collection5. Baby Carriers: CatBird Baby, XOXO, Kindercarry, Moby, Bijou Wear : I could go on and on about the benefits of babywearing, but this Black Friday the biggest benefit to you is the huge savings on some of our favorite brands! This also makes the PERFECT gift for any new parent or expecting parent! Buy a beautiful and reliable baby carrier to make both your lives easier and your baby happier!



Orders $25+ receive one of 3 surprise Babyganics products valued at 3.99 or more!

Orders $50+ receive a FREE BunchaFarmers Stain Stick & Cadie RLR Laundry Treatment!!

Orders $75+ receive a FREE Thirsties Reusable Organic Baby Wipes!!!

Orders $100+ receive a $15 Fluff & Familia Gift Certificate!!!!!

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