While Memorial Day Weekend is a time to remember those who gave their life while serving in our country’s armed forces, many celebrate our freedoms with good family and delicious food in season. You might be wondering to yourself if now is the right time to let your little one(s) explore their own freedoms by trying out those celebratory treats for the first time. The old widely prescribed approach to introducing foods other than mother’s milk or formula used to look like this:

Mother’s Milk/Formula –> Baby Cereal (Spoon Fed By Caregiver/ Hidden In Bottle) –> Pureed Baby Food (Spoon Fed By Caregiver) –> Softer Solid Foods (Diced- Baby Feeds Self) –> Most Solid Foods (Bigger Pieces, Tougher Foods- Baby Feeds Self) –> All Solid Foods (As Is- Child Serves & Feeds Self)

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