Bijou Wear Woven Wrap

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Bijou Wear Woven Wrap
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Invest in one snuggly soft (yet strong!) Bijou Wear woven wrap or ring sling to last from infancy through toddler-hood. Babywearing will help you tend to your little one but keep your hands free to accomplish the business of life! You can wear your baby or toddler in a variety of ways, on front, hip, and back (instruction manual provided), and these carriers adjust to fit all caregivers. Bijou Wear crafts woven wraps in small batches. These limited edition USA-woven baby carriers will not restock, so act fast if you fall in love!


Woven wraps are long parallelograms of fabric. The size indicates the length along one rail (a long edge) as follows  (all plus or minus 0.1 meters):

  • Size 2 = 2.7 meters
  • Size 3 = 3.2 meters
  • Size 4 = 3.7 meters
  • Size 5 = 4.2 meters
  • Size 6 = 4.7 meters
  • Size 7 = 5.2 meters
  • Size 8 = 5.7 meters
  • Size 9 = 6.2 meters


Many people with a baby can do a front wrap cross carry (see the FWCC tutorial here) in a size 6 woven wrap, which means that person's "base" size is a 6. Larger frames, those with larger ribcages or busts, or those with big toddlers might be base 7 or 8 or 9, and smaller frames might be base 5 or occasionally base 4. However, any person can use any size woven wrap. There are hundreds of ways to babywear with a woven. A short wrap is nice for on-the-go. Long wraps are great for reinforcing passes that add support. Medium wraps are versatile; some mothers love them for nursing in a front wrap cross carry tied under bum (see the FWCC TUB How To).


During its first bath your wrap or ring sling will shrink, which is normal. The fabric is cut short so that it will shrink to the size that you ordered (within tolerances). See the included instructional booklet for carries specific to your purchase, or look at the product videos in this listing.


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