Selecting The Best Baby Sling For You And Your Baby

Choosing the correct baby sling for you and your baby can be tricky. There are basically three different types of baby carriers on the market today, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. A pram, front-pack or baby wrap and the absorbency of the different carriers can all be beneficial to you.

There are basically 3 types of baby carriers on the market:

Front-pack or cradle-style carrier usually positions the baby in the mother’s lap facing her and cheeks tucked away. The infant is very comfortable as the weight is distributed evenly along the weight distribution. This type of carrier is quite common and probably the most common type of baby carrier. I have found that with this type of carrier my baby seems to go a bit more quickly but he also is a bit warmer in the winter months.

The front-pack carrier such as the CuddleBug and Snugli heats baby up nicely and infant is much more portable because it keeps the infant confined to the mother’s body and away from all the coldness the cold winter air can bring. The front-pack infant carrier can be a bit more uncomfortable for mommy though because they do sometimes wear you down.

Baby wrap carriers are different from the front-pack type of infant carrier because they distribute weight more evenly along the baby’s back and tummy which means little arms are available and baby is not positioned on the mother’s lap. Baby wraps offer more versatility in carrying your baby because the infant can be positioned on your back like a backpack baby carrier or on your front like the front-pack carrier. Baby wraps can carry you through difficult days without missing your baby.

I personally prefer the baby wrap or sling baby carrier but parents can have a competing choice of whatever type of carrier they prefer.

Ranging from around $20 to around $50 a pop, most carriers can be purchased fairly easily. The baby sling or baby carrier you select is a cosmetic item and just like the baby bed, just like the baby crib you can buy a wide variety of baby products, including carriers, baby beds, car seats and clothing.

A newborn baby can be very heavy. The only advantage with the baby sling or baby carrier is that you can choose to carry your baby at your breast, Mommy’s back, or on your back. You can ask me what is right for you and your family. You may indeed need two or three.

Another choice to consider is the baby sling or carrier that bites back. That is, when the carrier have a carrying handle on the bottom of the carrier; baby can simply bite back toward you so you can carry your baby close to your body without grabbing your baby into your arms and lugging the baby carrier at your side. The baby can become accustomed to without you holding them and you can have a much more comfortable carry on.

There are so many choices to choose from for baby carrier. What it is about the baby sling or baby carrier that is so special? I can only say. Choose the baby sling or carrier that you want to use. Your brand of sling may or may not offer a material that is comfortable for mommy. For me I like to carry my baby towards my chest as Emmett points out in his book.

Tips when choosing baby slings

Baby slings come in different lengths. I prefer baby slings that range at least 9 to 13 inches when the baby is not in it. You may need the extra length if your baby is tall or long. A good rule is when the baby is about twenty pounds, have the baby face away from your breast. That way if it swipes it’s little legs on your breast, it will swoout the arms and you can release your breast.

Think about the weather and your comfort. Baby slings can be made of a variety of materials and fabrics. Be sure if you choose to purchase the ones made of material, your baby will not be able to quickly mess it up because babies explore the world very quickly.

Think about your needs. If you want the opportunity to carry your baby very quickly, you may need a baby carrier made to carry very heavy infants. You may want to invest in the fiber lined slings because they are the lightest and comfiest of the all.