My Husband’s Small Manhood

Women think my penis is small.

–From a comment I previously read wherein a guy was complaining that his girlfriend was talking about his small penis.

I remembered how I used to hear men talk about their small penis throughout my young life. Why did they all talk about it in such a way that brought shame and embarrassment to them?

Because no matter how slight, a man’s penis is something that is admired and loved by women. They are not talking about it, but they are feeling the way you are feeling right now.

Women spend tens of thousands of dollars every year to improve their looks in the gym, to buy trinkets, sex toys, makeup, hair pieces, bags, and other Expensive Female Implants. Their idea of beauty is a male sexual partner that will produce strong genetics.

And then if they have a man, they imagine he will love them and make them proud by giving them a child to take home. They always talk about how to please a man and how to give a man what he wants.

And then what happens? They meet a man, and instead of their sexiness, they find out he is only after one thing. So they say good-bye, and they go their separate ways.

What I hear from many men these days is that women are not very interested in what is inside a man, or how he makes them feel, or if they have children with him or not. They look at a man’s success rate with women, of about 20%, and they decide that is simply not enough, or so it seems, because they feel that they must try harder to get a woman.

So many of these men take fantastic pride in their small penis, and that makes it difficult for them to find a girlfriend. They focus so much on the small penis and the size or shape that they become less attractive to women, not more sexually attractive as a man.

Do these penis owning men fall in love with women? Absolutely not!

Women love a real man, and it seems these penises that women are focusing on these days are so pre-held, it is almost like they don’t even look at men who have it.

Are these men really wanting to find a great woman of whom they can have a lasting relationship with or are they settling for the perception they see?

Don’t get me wrong? I think many men have great respect for women, and I respect a woman a lot, and I always try to treat a woman with high regard, but when it comes to a woman’s body, a man mustn’t even give it a second look.

It is coming out that these men have low self esteem, or they don’t quite feel like they are worthy of a woman’s great body. It could be that they feel uncomfortable with it, and it could be insecurity.

So the penis makes men feel good, but it doesn’t make a man feel worthy.

A man is worthy of a woman, a woman is worthy of a man.

Now, what can a man do with regards to feeling that he is worthy of a woman? Well, I believe he can begin by losing his superiority.

Losing our superiority is about having a greater amount of humility.A man who is full of himself, who thinks he is so great, so important, and feels like he is the bomb, as you put it, man who can really satisfy a woman has lost his way.

“Gain a Man with a Large Manhood.”

Where have all of our ever extravagant man gone? He’s everywhere but in the bedroom. Why is this? Well, I believe it’s because the good man has become relatively a rare commodity, like a captains choice when compared with other men.

Or you can even try using a penis extender, like those found at to improve your penis size for the more “carnal” aspects of your marriage.

Women want us to be men. Just ask the unsuccessful men out there. They are really tired of the men who think it’s their right to dominate. This is one reason why both genders seem to fight a constant re- RR.

BF relationships are few and far between today. The men have become subjects no longer to be studied, respected, or joined.

How do we equate success with a man? Not much more.

Ask the men of the world to name the top five things they most want from a woman. Most of the men said believe it or not. That’s it. There is nowhere else in that word so many men would rather have.

  1. Loyalty
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Humor
  4. Kindness
  5. A friend in need

Now, can we get this: Do you have what it takes to give these three a try?

Do you want to make the man in your life enjoy being with you? Then DO IT!