Getting Back With Your Ex After A Break-Up Or A “Break”

Breaking up can often come as quite a shock. Especially when you’ve spent sleepless nights thinking everything was going so right. It all seemed so perfect. You can’t believe the amount of happiness you felt at the start; but then it slowly fades and you soon realize that you have mistakenly put too much pressure on yourself to believe that you can get your ex back.

There are ways to improve your chances. If you know what to do, it is not that difficult to have your ex reciprocating your feelings back. However, it might require some hard work and will almost certainly require a lot of patience on your part.

Keeping your emotions in check is always recommended. Although you may feel like you are right in wanting your ex back, you would not want get your ex running away from you. Your ex may feel neglected and unhappy if you go begging for a second chance. You do not want to have a situation like that, so instead of doing that, slowly insert yourself back into their life. In this way, they will realize what they are missing and give you a chance to rekindle that old love.

Once you’ve hit this step, you have to do everything you can to truly “rekindle” that love. The best way to do that is to do things differently this time around. Go on exciting dates and have meaningful conversations about life and philosophy that you may have never had before. And have sex as often as you possibly can while focusing specifically on trying new things in bed (e.g. incorporating sex toys as Blissful Cherry likes to advocate), to show that the act of making love can be exhilarating once again. All of this will get him or her thinking that what the two of you had was truly special and that your relationship is worth fighting for.

Overall though, it is always suggested to keep a cool head at all times. When you think you may be right in wanting your ex back, take some time to think things over. By doing some soul searching, you would have realized what made the two of you broken up in the first place. You can also ask your ex to tell you the story so that you may know what made the two of you break up in the first place. Doing this would avoid any future misunderstandings.

Another thing to remember is that although you may think that you make a lot of chances if you keep begging your ex, you should seriously consider not doing this. Knowing when to beg and when to nonchalantly hint that you want to get back together is the tough part, but one that makes all the difference in the end.

Pushing each other too hard may not be easy as well. This is because both of you may want to go your separate ways more than ever. Hence, you should get each other to agree on what to do next if you want to get back together. Being desperate is one of the major reasons why couples end up as separate people.